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Myrna's Events

Roger H. commented 2020-09-19

DO NOT USE !!! Paid $ 2,000 for a Sweet 16 party that NEVER happened! Didn't respond to certified letters from attorney, Better Business Bureau (who gave them a D + rating (and they aren't even registered with them), and refused to refund at least half of the money paid for ANY SERVICE! 16 left Ms old girl crying Decided to spend money on the party rather than buy a car and now you see the mistake she made in trusting this person.


The Marine Barbershop

Norman Zuvich commented 2020-09-19

I went into the shop about 1:00 P.M. on Wednesday and was told they only take appointments. I asked when the next spot was available and was told Friday at 11:30. The barber said "see you then." He didn't even ask my name, phone number or any kind of information and went back to cutting a small boy's hair. I told him that Ilooked up his shop on line, but there wasn't any phone number available, he said "yes there is." As of right now, there srill insn't any phone number listed in this spot.


Inspire Church Honolulu

gary william humphlett commented 2020-09-19

time live service 09/13/2020 ? phone number ?


Rejuvenation of Atlanta Body & Foot Spa

Joann T. commented 2020-09-19

OMG! This was one of the best Lymphatic massages ever. The place was very clean and Covic protected, the table was warm which caused me to relax. Daton was great made me feel very comfortable. I walked in there stiff and came out with flexibility all over.


Murrieta Gateway Center

Donna Coffman commented 2020-09-19

The wheel chair ramp in front of the Urgent Care and Starbucks is very unsafe. I parked in the spot in front of the Urgent Care last Saturday, August 29, 2020 and got out of my car to go to Starbucks. I walked to the left to walk down the wheel chair ramp, however, the concrete changed levels (before the wheelchair ramp) and I lost my balance and fell striking the left side of my forehead/eye area. I am not seeking any kind of damages, etc. I just would really like to see something painted on the sidewalk that the concrete is UNLEVEL AND USE CAUTION! The concrete dips down, and it's difficult to tell as there is not any different paint color, etc. I'm not sure if anyone else has fallen there, but it is not safe. Would this be a consideration? Please let me know. My phone is 310-488-4677. Thank you.


Monterey Fire Department

Debbie Colegrove commented 2020-09-19

We'd like to do a family picnic at your place on Sunday ! The weekend after Labor Day .. For 3hrs.!! Hope this is possible to rent .. Thank you very much


Messianic Congregation

john harvey commented 2020-09-19

Feast of trumpets & repentance Sept.26,2020..prayer ralley at.. Washington D.C. mall.. more info..> Please pray with us


First Bank

Hailey Lee commented 2020-09-19

The staff are very friendly. I received all the information I needed on my request.


Tongass Federal Credit Union

Abigail Attwood commented 2020-09-19

Great service, great prices


ATM (Wells Fargo Bank)

Angela Daniels commented 2020-09-19

It was the longest wait for the deposit. do not recommend.