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Last comments


New York Fried Chicken

Bryan Shaw * commented 2021-01-24

We visited this institution for the first time and were very, very satisfied! Insanely delicious food, especially crispy pork in sweet and sour sauce, incredibly tender meat that melts in your mouth, portions are large and hearty.



Krystal Andrews * commented 2021-01-24

During isolation, we ordered food from a restaurant several times, but this weekend I passed by and decided to have lunch. Ordered fried cheeses and marbled beef burger. I did not expect that there will be 6 pieces of cheese, in fact, I already ate it. The burger was very tasty, the only upset was that there were very few fries that were put with the burger, I understand that this is an extra, and not a full-fledged side dish, but 10 pieces of fries were somehow scanty on the tray.


Dare Deli & Steamhouse

Carter Coleman * commented 2021-01-24

The atmosphere is pleasant, there are many different promotions, the menu is very varied and inexpensive. Nice staff, kind. Everything is delicious and fresh. Thanks again. We will definitely come back to here again.


Pearlie's Restaurant

Evelyn Foster * commented 2021-01-24

For a long time my friends and I thought about where to go, the choice fell on this place. They quickly took an order from us, prepared it and served it to the table. He was ready even faster than asked. All food was delicious and fresh, nothing to complain about. The portions seemed larger than they actually were.


Bahama Buck's

Elmer Sanders * commented 2021-01-24

Was on a date at this place. Overall, I liked the food and service. I can’t say anything about the prices, since I didn’t pay.)) I didn’t like only the hookah, because it was constantly bitter and I had to call the hookah man.


Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Emma Jenkins * commented 2021-01-24

Everything is fine, the cuisine is delighted, the waiters are just wonderful !!! Thank you for coziness, beautiful program and phenomenal attitude !!!



Autumn Crossman * commented 2021-01-24

Disgusting. There has never been such a thing in life that one kind of ordered food would lose appetite. She arrived absolutely cold. Looks like someone has already eaten it + stale smell.


Pizza Hut

Paul Erickson * commented 2021-01-24

Lunches are great! Cheap and tasty



Serenity Ogden * commented 2021-01-24

We come for the second day in a row for the bbq ham, and this is already an indicator! Special thanks to the waiter, very sincere and always with a smile that can be seen even through a mask.


Papa John's Pizza

Nathan Green * commented 2021-01-24

We spent a wonderful evening at this restaurant! The food is just great, we haven't sat so well for a long time. The waiters really liked it, lovely smiles and, in general, the atmosphere is great. The only thing is a bit cramped, I like space more, but in general there is nothing to complain about. Thanks guys!!!