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Last comments


CVS Pharmacy

Baker Anderson commented 2020-07-11

A very large selection of drugs and medications. There is also a medical equipment department. The staff is very attentive and will do everything to find any of your request.


Woodhaven Pharmacy

Zoey Ford commented 2020-07-11

This is the best of the best pharmacies in our area. Delivery at a high level. You can always order medicines on the Internet and they will be delivered immediately.


Alliance Pharmacy

Scarlett Fleming commented 2020-07-11

I have visited this pharmacy more than once, and I am always welcome here. Help if questions arise.


CVS Pharmacy

Aubrey Flatcher commented 2020-07-11

Always friendly and attentive. The staff is enough, even when a large influx of people.


Walmart Garden Center

Victoria Flannagan commented 2020-07-11

I always find here beautiful plants for my garden. I’m really going to come here.


Stop & Shop Liquors

Morgan Taylor commented 2020-07-11

This is one of the best liquor stores in our area. Here are good prices, nice sellers, they will tell you everything, tell you everything.


The Dabney Cellar

Grace Fitzgerald commented 2020-07-11

This is a very cozy underground bar for a pleasant pastime. The decor and atmosphere were dimly lit, warm and comfortable. Drinks are very tasty and snacks for every taste. Everything is fresh and tasty. I recommend to anyone looking for hard drinks / snacks.


The Lady Pearly

Turner Moore commented 2020-07-11

It is very convenient delivery. We ordered everything we wanted and they immediately brought us. Thanks for the work. Love this store.


until midnight! Barmy Wines and Liquors, Open until Midnight

Edwards Wilson commented 2020-07-11

Great store. Attentive sellers, everything is very good.


Wardman Wines

Walker Miller commented 2020-07-11

Very friendly staff. Huge selection of wines. We brought wine to order from Italy. Very well.